Sunday, June 21, 2009

Embroidery Stitch Removal
It becomes necessary occasionally to remove embroidery stitches. It would be nice if this never happened, but unfortunately, it does. What to do?
There are several ways to remove stitches, but first a few points to keep in mind.
  • Stitches are always easier to remove if they were well stabilized to begin with. Cut-a-way stabilized designs show the best success.
  • Not all designs lend themselves to being removed. In fact, trying to remove teeny tiny writing is what made me think to write this entry in the first place.
  • Stitch removal is best done slowly, methodically, and in layers.

To remove stitches, flip to the back of your deisgn. This is where you should start. There is a fabulous (though expensive) tool called a stitch eraser by Peggy's Stitch Eraser. These are also available from Nancy's Notions. Looks a lot like a mustache/beard trimmer... (alternate methods without one below...)

Using the palm of your hand or stable surface, turn the trimmer upside down and firmly press the teeth into the stitches. Be brave! Once you have "shaved" one level of bobbin sittches, flip your design over and using tweezers, pick out the top threads. You will need to repeat this process more than once. DO not pull too firmlyon top stitches, as it will stretch the fabric out of shape. Also, don't cut away the stabilizer, leave it in place.

Don't make many mistakes? Lucky you! For small mistakes, I have found a disposable razor, a lint shaver, or a flat razor blade can be used (again on the back of the fabric)-- just be very careful and work very slowly.

Steam iron your design when you are done-- it helps push back together the threads. Add an additional layer of stabilizer before restitching.

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