Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Make Covered Buttons

Covered Buttons

Covered buttons are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to dress up a project.

They also make a handy hanging hook!
Big girl was wanting a place to hang all her recent treasures (ribbons, medals, and such) and in typical fashion I took on a "well I could just do it myself..." attitude. Seems like that comes just before the big bill, right?

I digress.. the actual bulletin board will be covered in a second tutorial. (I forgot to photograph it! But now Little Girl wants one too-- so I'll photograph that one.)

Big's room is Ralph Lauren fabric (out of production of course). But I did have a tiny bit left, so I used that to cover the buttons.

Start with a little kit like this one. At my craft store, the set of 3 with the maker ran about $3.50. You can buy refills for slightly less. In the kit: 3 button blanks, 3 button backs, 1 flexible 'maker' and one 'pusher'.

If you are doing the bulletin board, you will want button blanks that are just slightly wider than your ribbon.

On the back of the package, there is a small template you can use for cutting out your fabric.
On my box, this was only half of the circle, so I placed it on folded fabric.

Cut the fabric to the pattern (it doesn't need to be exact, as edges won't show. Place the fabric (pretty side down) into the rubber 'maker', then place the button blank on top of it, convex side down.
1- Tuck the fabric into the center of the button blank, creasing slightly with your finger.

2. Place the button back on top of the folded fabric, covering it completely. Press down with your finger.

3. Using the 'pusher' on top of the button back press harder until you feel the back "click" (it doesn't actually make a sound..) into the button blank.

4. Flex the rubber mold and remove your button.

That's it!
Almost didn't post the "finished" photo. Where's the hairbrush!

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