Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mini Wardrobe for Back-to-School

     My house is  a wreck... no getting around it.  So what did I start my cleaning with?  Patterns! (Never a good idea to start cleaning with fabric or pattern stashes.... because you KNOW what will happen!) 

    I found a pile of patterns I think I purchased because they were highly reviewed and loved on one of my favorite sites, Pattern Review.  If you aren't familiar with it, it's where other people who all sew much better than me, tell me great ideas on things they are sewing and include problems with patterns.

  So, here's  a peek at my pile.  Mind you, this isn't really even close to everything... these are just the things that made me say "Hmmmmmm".

  Dresses - these patterns all lean toward simple lines and vintage feel.

This New Look pattern has been on my to-sew list for forever.  I bet I've read the reviews for it a jillion times.  Something about the easy lines of the skirt and, again! there's the little jacket.  I've been collecting jacket patterns....
Jackets.  I've been wanting to sew my own jacket/coat for the past 20 years.  Still never have!

Simple knit tops and pants that require no ironing.  This is obviously after I started teaching again.  Simple, but not overly casual.

Likewise, simple pants that can be worn many times.  Also, I also have a thing for knit boat neck tops.  Especially in stripes!

I personally think my super short legs tend to look better in dresses with simple lines, like a sheath.  I have TONS of sheath patterns, not that I ever make them!

See, another striped knit top?

Isn't it fun to go through your stash?  Each of these represents a specific idea I was interested in, yet they all have similarities.  Time to actually sew some of these!

Enter, the wardrobe idea.  I am a teacher at a school where we can wear jeans EVERY DAY.  This makes wardrobe planning typically just finding appropriate jeans and a nice looking top.    My wardrobe is lacking in tops (I recently lost 25 pounds after being diagnosed with diabetes, which for me has equated to about 5 sizes down.) So my closet is seriously lacking right now.  First some stats, because when I read pattern reviews I always wonder "Well, you lengthened it, but how TALL are YOU?"  So, for the record...
  • I'm 5'0"
  • Between a size 4 and 6 in RTW, but leaning more toward 4 in pants and 6 in tops. I wear a Small in SML but can't always wear a 4 in sized numbers.
  • Pattern issues: D cup, short but not short waisted- so petite adjustments often don't work, short legs but regular length torso, short arms.  
  • Usually "off-the-rack" I buy Misses and shorten arms and legs.

Realizing that sort of makes me sound like a Hobbit... which might not be that far from the truth.

On to the project.  My goal is to sew up several pieces where I can mix and match them (and not have my fourth graders say "That, again?!"  )  Things comfortable enough to get on the floor, but cute enough to wear after work.  And (if at all possible) machine washable.  Tall order!

Here's what I'm thinking to start:

At least one skirt, one pants, two tops and maybe a jacket? (Or chicken out and do a sheath dress?)   What's your pattern stash look like?  Do you tend to buy the same things?  

MaryKay is slowly trying to dig herself out from under a mountain if fabric, one tutorial at a time.

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