Friday, August 21, 2009

Tutorial - Recycling Hawaiian Pants, Repurposing clothes

Hmmm... I wasn't really sure what to call this one.

I bought a pair of Hawaiian pants - pretty wild Hawaiian pants. Let's just say a print that large doesn't look great on a derriere this wide-- capeesh? Well skinny pants really loved them. So...1. Remove the waistband. I did this with a seam ripper.
2. Take out the crotch seam first. I was able to cut mine out, since the size difference was fairly large.
3. Remove the inner leg seam. (Why inner? - In this case it was out of a desire to not have to resew the zipper!)
4. Lay out the legs, and draw a new crotch seam. (I used a current pair of pants to estimate this.)
You can see where her crotch seam doesn't even make it past the leg on the original leg!

5. Cut straight down from crotch seam, narrowing legs. (We can't have clown pants!)

6. Resew the inner leg seam. Turn one leg inside out. Put the right side out leg INSIDE the inside out leg, then sew the crotch seam.

7. I add to resew a new button hole, but if you use the correct end of your waistband, you wouldn't even have to do that!)
8. Rehem.
This post will have additional pics, as soon as I can get her in 'em.

Mary Kay

MaryKay is slowly trying to dig herself out from under a mountain if fabric, one tutorial at a time.

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