Monday, August 10, 2009

You say Cheyenne, and I say Chey-Annes!

I've been working with the Chey-Anne booster club on some spirit wear for the Chey-Annes parents, and in particular their logo. The Chey-Annes are the high kicking award winning drill team for Williams High School in Plano Texas.
It's Plano's oldest high school so they've had their logo a while. Last year, their spirit shirts showed the traditional logo of the Chey-Anne puffy sleeve girl.
The puffy shirt figure has been around for a while as a silhouette, so I wanted to see if we could leave the outline, but make her uniform look more like the girls current uniforms, shown here:

Never mess with tradition, right? So, treading lightly... I came up with the following:

It's a subtle change, but it shows the new gauntlets, while keeping the shape and similar outline.

They are off for approval, so we'll see. Too far?
Let me know what you think!

MaryKay is slowly trying to dig herself out from under a mountain if fabric, one tutorial at a time.

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