Friday, August 7, 2009

Whimsical Sleeping Eye Mask Tutorial

Want to know how to make a simple spa mask? I got a request for making an eye mask for, well, the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER. Now, before my poor dh and all my friends have a heart attack, you should know it's not my bf.

But with an introduction like that, how can a girl help but smile???

Seems she's up late studying and his smaller eyemask isn't blocking enough light. Enter request. One green diagonal striped fabric eye mask with elastic back and "I am sleeping" in a specific font. I love bizarre requests. They bring out the doldrums and force the creative back in gear.

Now- part 1: bigger than normal for better coverage. The first step here was to draw a mask on a sheet of paper.

Why just draw 1/2? To make sure the sides are even, of course! Next, this shape is cut out, adjusted, redrawn, adjusted redrawn (repeat say 40 times....) then cut the final design out a second time, but with seam allowance around it.

You should also cut this shape of an inner lining fabric (I used a cotton interlock which is super soft) and an interior fabric (this should ideally be satin, microfiber, or in this case- a super soft bamboo terry in black. Make a sandwich of the fabrics like this:

First layer is the lining fabric, then the front fabric, pretty side up. Lastly the backing fabric, pretty side down.
Part 2: Measure your head with 1 1/2 inch elastic. As you sew, you'll want to attach the elastic as a layer of the sandwich, betweem the front and back layer.

Part 3: Stitch / Serge. Leave a 2 inch hole opening in the top for turning.

Part 4: Turn and press. Topstitch from the outside, catching edges inside.

Aaaahhhh... a good night's rest. From a seriously cute, sweet, and possibly THE BEST EVER girlfriend.

Think I'll make some up for the next slumber party... or better yet, do you feel an "in-the-hoop" project coming???

MaryKay is slowly trying to dig herself out from under a mountain if fabric, one tutorial at a time.

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