Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buzzzzzz!!! Bumble Bee Bibs

Love love LOVE these new bibs. Almost makes me wish I had someone this little again. (well, almost...)
I've been sewing up stuff in anticipation of an upcoming showcase. These just sort of struck me, as I had the perfect fabric in my stash! I'll make them until the fabric is gone, then move on.
The pattern (yes, sometimes I use one...) is from Precious Patterns on Etsy. She does a wonderful job of designing cuteness and supports the cottage industry by allowing you to sell up to 5 things from her patterns at a time. I've changed the pattern a bit because although I love her cuteness, I could never stand tie bibs. This one has been adapted to have velcro that doubles back, so it's not easily yanked off. Easy on, but Mommy off. :-)
Can't wait? This one's in the store....
Here's a glimpse on something else I'm working on:

I can smell the newly sharpened pencils! :)

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