Monday, July 27, 2009

Tutorial - Going Batty Barrettes

Now ya'll know I recycle things by storing them in my house, right??? (Drives my poor hubby nuts...) Well today I was crafting up some little poodile skirts from left over felt. I had a 50's party for the girls a while back, and ended up with too much felt for the little skirts. Anyway, when you cut a poodle skirt as a full circle, there's this great round piece left in the middle, about 20 inches in diameter.

There's no way I was throwing that away!

So with the upcoming Halloween fall season around the corner, I came up with the perfect use. Now I have two girlies. But if you are a few girlies short, these would be wonderful little treats for extra special visitors or as prizes at a school party.
Here's how to make the barrettes:

1. Take two pieces of felt (a few inches is plenty) and using a double threaded needle, sew through both pieces in a bat shape. (I drew out a little shape like Batman sort of...)

2. Hand stitch on some eyes,teeth and a little smile. (French knots would be super cute eyes, too!)
3. Cut out your double thickness bat, outside of the stitching. Turn it over and cut a small slit in the back.
4. Place a clippie into the slit and tack down with some little hand stitches.

5. Voila! Little Bat clippies!!!

They went together so quickly, I forgot to take pics! I'll make another batch and try to take some in progress...

Now, being a little lazy to whip up a bunch- I actually digitized my 5 x 7 hoop to make 8 of these guys at a time. I think I'll bring a few cards of them to Fall on the Mound. If you'd rather not stitch by hand, I'll put my design up for 99 cents in case you too, need quicker gratification. It's a quickie- less than 4000 stitches for all 8!

MaryKay is slowly trying to dig herself out from under a mountain if fabric, one tutorial at a time.

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